Ni har svaren. Jag vet vägen.
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An experienced pathfinder

I am a Certified Management Consultant with specialist knowledge in the areas of business development, business support, business administration and operational efficiency. Over the years, I have gained solid experience from implementing successful change programmes within a number of different business sectors and companies.

I create the conditions for improving profitability, making processes more efficient and clarifying strategies by using process-driven work methods and taking an unbiased approach which unites all employees in the search for solutions.

As a consultant and leader, I am unafraid and curious, but also inquisitive and sometimes even a little difficult. I am personally guided by a highly positive outlook on people which constitutes the basis for the process in which your employees are to become the heroes

Aspling Konsult AB, Torstenssonsgatan 11, 11456 Stockholm. Tel 070 752 64 56.