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Tools and methods

Indikatoranalys is a powerful tool for fast and efficient identification of improvement areas for sustainable economic growth of businesses. The key is a web-based business analysis survey, where companies and their employees evaluate themselves based on proven principles of quality- ,environmental- and innovation management.

Tillvaxtallsvenskan (Growth Champions League) is a unique and user-friendly tool for advanced growth analyzes of small and medium size companies and business dynamics of a municipality, a county or industry. With the historical background facts you will find companies that are growing, standing still or going backwards. You can specify the period of growth and different growth conditions of the target group of businesses that you are looking for. Tillvä is the quickest way to find your target group.

The Business Model Canvas. A business model is a conceptual tool that contains a set of elements and their relationships that can be used to express business logic in a particular company. "The Business Model Canvas" and the interactive tool developed by the "guru" of business models Alexander Osterwalder, can be used advantageously in workshops with companies.

The Innovation Radar ¬©. Is a web-based tool developed by researchers at the Kellogg School of Management. It is offered for use in the Nordic countries by the licensee Innoption EMEA Aps. With a value-based approach it links innovation to customer value. The tool is based on four dimensions of innovation: Offer-oriented (WHAT), Customer-oriented (WHO), Operation-oriented (HOW), and Network-oriented (WHERE). A simplified model of the same theme adapted for small and medium businesses, is offered in the tool Indikatoranalys.

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