You have the answers. I know the way.

Perspective: Insight from the outside

As a consultant, my starting point is this: The solutions to most problems can be found internally, although there is often a need for an outsider’s perspective to pinpoint them. I contribute this perspective. Similar to an entrepreneur who launches processes externally, I function as a catalyst for internal change work – as an “intrapreneur” if you like.

Over the years, I have been entrusted with consulting projects in sectors and industries that are completely different from one another, such as the finance market, government agencies, real estate firms and industrial manufacturing companies. These projects have involved a number of Sweden’s major corporations, as well as a large number of small enterprises. This has enabled me to develop a sharp analytic skill that allows me to quickly understand the big picture and the questions that need to be asked. Based on my analysis, I can then sit down with you to develop an up-to-date and common view of your business and its potential – a platform for implementing change work that is only possible to create with an outsider’s perspective.

Aspling Konsult AB, Torstenssonsgatan 11, 11456 Stockholm. Tel 070 752 64 56.