You have the answers. I know the way.

You have the solutions. I help you find them.

I am often engaged to solve a problem, although defining the problem is not as interesting as what you want to achieve. The purpose and objective of the project may be something completely different from the perceived problem.

My first measure is therefore to clarify the purpose of the project. After conducting an initial analysis and compiling all the facts, the core of the project will emerge: The Process in which your employees become the heroes. Different tools are employed, such as SWOT and GAP analyses and conversational processes like the World Café Model, in order to stimulate spontaneous thinking and allow all employees to contribute their view. The goal for us is to see the opportunities together and understand what the real problems are, and the actions that need to be taken to solve them in the best way.

I then make a number of recommendations that are unique to the project at hand and based on the organisation’s existing resources. Your employees are to immerse themselves in this process. Releasing their energy and competence creates a force for change that is essential for implementing transitional work and ensuring that it lasts.

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