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References - some views on Lars

Remy Nilson, CEO, ATG Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board

I worked with Lars Aspling for several years in connection with a study on the future of Swedish trotting, covering all trotting associations in Sweden. Lars had overall responsibility for the local studies conducted by each track, which involved 450 people in all. In these processes, Lars was the catalyst enabling everyone involved to understand the overall picture. He travelled around the country, initiating processes, compiling reports and contributing his own professional conclusions.

Lars is highly professional and very knowledgeable. The experience gained from this type of project was clearly put to use. He shows tremendous commitment and enthusiasm – the kind of commitment that tends to spread to others. He managed to involve 450 people in the project, and Lars was one of the main reasons the individual race tracks succeeded in involving people from universities and the business community in their development process. In the end, 80 to 85 per cent of our proposal was based on Lars’s underlying study.

Lars communicates clearly to others what is required of them. He is a warm bundle of energy and people are happy to be around him. He is also an entertainer par excellence.

Jørn Bang Andersen, Senior Innovation Advisor, Nordic Innovation

Lars Aspling was selected as one of 12 Nordic consultants for Nordic Innovation’s programme Measured and Managed Innovation (MMI). The MMI programme is based on the Innovation Radar. The Innovation Radar is a tool, developed by the Kellogg School of Management’s researchers; Mohan Sawhney, Jiyao Chen, Robert C. Wolcott and Inigo Arroniz.

Lars Aspling has together with the other Nordic consultants been trained in how to use and facilitate deep-dive workshops based on the Innovation Radar. Lars Aspling’s evaluation scores from Swedish companies have been very convincing and for this reason Nordic Innovation has chosen Lars Aspling for a related Innovation Radar project: Green Business Model Innovation in the Tourism and Experience Economy.

Based on our cooperation I can only recommend Lars Aspling in regard to strategic innovation management projects and in particular in regard to the Innovation Radar.

Lars Bonnevier, Project Manager, Swedish Standards Institute (SIS)

I have worked with Lars Aspling when developing the European Standard for Management Consulting. In the European Working Group, Lars gained a reputation as someone who makes things happen! His drive, his professionalism and the great voluntary work he put in on the subject has been invaluable to the project. In his selfless efforts to develop both the Management Consultancy Industry and the Sweden's Management Consultant Association, Lars has been a great example.

MSc Mikael Börjesson – CEO of Centre of Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) at Luleå University of Technology

I have been working with advanced information- and communication technology R&D for more than 25 years, in close collaboration with both industry and academy. Over the years, I have had the fortune to work with many very knowledgeable and influential persons - from large enterprise CEOs and prime ministers to extraordinary talented scientific researchers and fearless start-up entrepreneurs. A new name, Lars Aspling, has recently found its way in to my own "VIP-list" of professionals.

My first experience of Lars is from his assignment as evaluator, in charge of ongoing evaluation in accordance with European Commission regulation, of the CDTs project “SATIN” – an interdisciplinary multi-partner ICT R&D project with objective to enable "development of mobile applications without coding". Lars competence, positive and constructive attitude and straight-to-the-point analysis and advices have been instrumental in finding good paths ahead in this very promising but challenging R&D project.

Lars is one of those (rare) persons that know how to combine and balance several capacities and perspectives. Lars is both eager to learn and to share his experiences with others. Lars is gentle and listening but never compromise with his core beliefs. At CDT we are looking forward very much to continuing our collaboration with Lars Aspling.

Göran Brulin, qualified analyst at Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and visiting professor at Linköping University

Lars Aspling and I conducted joint follow-up research in large projects with a view to identifying and promoting entrepreneurs with foreign backgrounds. The research concerned programmes relating to structural funds, including venture capital fund projects, Smeax and ME, where I was responsible for theoretical aspects and Lars conducted practical research.

Lars has invested heavily in strengthening his skills in the area. Among other things, he attended the course ”Learning within ongoing evaluation” at Mälardalen University. He has great insight into how to work interactively with practitioners and made acute observations on systemic errors in project design.

He is creative and good at clearly explaining the action required. His background as a management consultant has been valuable. Lars quickly embraced the outreach work and participation in the public debate that these projects require, bringing new ideas in the process.

Lars’ work was professional and thorough, including in-depth examination of complex issues. He is also easy to work with.

Johan Munck, Chairman of the Supreme Court of Sweden Judgment

I have known Lars Aspling for several years and have had the opportunity to follow his career. What has consistently characterized Lars Aspling efforts in various fields has, in my opinion been his loyalty to his clients and total focus to achieve the best possible results on their behalf.

Roland Loefler, CEO and owner of LMM – Loefler Management & Media AB

Employees are warned that they might be infused with the enthusiasm that Lars Aspling’s fearless honesty and enormous capacity leads to – in both words and actions. Managers are warned that they might be affected by his merciless clarity and openness when he tells you what your company exactly needs to do to improve and achieve sustainable success.

During my 30 years as an advisor in strategic thinking and human efficiency, I have yet to meet anyone who works with such a powerful combination of competence and capacity as Lars Aspling, who is also such a good model for business ethics.

In addition to the project results that Lars Aspling delivers, and the operational results he enables, the genuinely professional client also gets a professional friend in Lars.

Anders Wiklander, CEO, Norrporten real estate company, Sweden

Lars Aspling is goal-oriented and a driving force, with the ability to identify problems and find solutions. He is also an incredibly good listener, which enables him to ask relevant questions and draw the right conclusions when conducting projects dealing with organisational development.

I have worked with Lars Aspling on projects in the banking industry and property sector and can testify to the power of initiative and sound administrative skills that he can contribute to an organisation. He is also highly skilled in information technology and can help develop IT solutions that are highly secure and very user-friendly.

Olof Karlander, head of Swedish Mounted Royal Guard (Beridna Högvakten)

I have collaborated with Lars in a major project for Swedish harness racing sport. My contacts with him during the course of the project were positive at all times. Lars has the required professional education and solid experience.

More than anything, he has a bottom-up view of things which is both appealing and successful – the starting point for his work is the people who are most closely affected. Lars is structured, competent and has a large measure of integrity – characteristics that are important for all investigative and analytical projects. He is also easy to work with and never compromises his professionalism.

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